Principal Investigators & Project Coordinator

Kenneth Carter, PI/ NRT Director

Research Interests:

The design and use of high performance polymers, especially as they impact advanced microelectronics. Synthetic polymer chemistry, high resolution patterning, optically and electrically active polymers, nanoscience and nanotechnology. Specific research programs include high resolution nanopatterning (materials and processes); synthesis and design of electroactive (OLED and bistable) polymers; controlled surface functionalization of nanopatterned polymer surfaces; bioactive surfaces and sensors.


Gregory Tew, PI/NRT Co-Director

Research Interests:

Supramolecular polymer science, directed self-assembly, bioinspired and biomimetic structures, self-organization, well-defined macromolecular architectures, metal-containing polymers, membrane biophysics, physical organic chemistry, sensors, hydrogels, anion exchange membranes, alkaline fuel cells.

Current Research:

Macromolecular research in this century will be defined by discoveries at the interface of chemistry, biology, and materials science. Research in the Tew group is focused on problems at this interface. A common theme of all projects in the group is the use of modern synthetic organic chemistry to build interesting, novel macromolecules which are chemically rich and to study their properties using various physical methods. In one major thrust, we are interested in understanding how to program molecules with the necessary information to self-order into complex, hierarchical functional materials. Another thrust is elucidating the rules required to create biomimetics with structure and function rivaling proteins. This leads to materials with an array of interesting properties from sensors and magnetism to drug delivery and alkaline anion exchange membranes. Recent interests include novel water-soluble macromolecules for drug delivery and unique metal-containing polymers which are magnetic. We have new membranes for Li-ion conduction and novel polycations for alkaline fuel cell membranes. These endeavors are facilitated by intellectual creativity and significant scientific freedom is encouraged within the group. The group is composed of highly motivated students and we welcome your contributions in this exciting research endeavor. Students in the group are actively engaged in multi-disciplinary research, master many experimental techniques beyond synthetic methods, and are ideally positioned for future cutting-edge research positions in industry, academia, and government laboratories upon graduating from the group.

Trouble Mandeson/NRT Project Coordinator

Trouble has worked in the Polymer Science & Engineering Department for more than 11 years. In addition to her current job as the Project Coordinator for the NRT, she serves as the Administrative Assistant/Office Manager for the Tew and Carter research groups where she is responsible for grant budgeting and tracking, overseeing student and post-doc salaries, laboratory management, travel, meetings and special event planning, and a myriad of other administrative activities that support the goals of the researchers in PSE.