Concentration 2

Concentration 2: The focus of Con 2 is on basic and translational research in medical devices (e.g., body-work health monitoring) as well as sensors for food safety, environmental monitoring, and separations. Trainees will be uniquely equipped for careers in the emerging digital health industry, and will posses the unique and necessary skills to develop and integrate new technologies in collaboration with industry and clinical partners that will accelerate commercial innovations and drive economic development.

NRT students working in Con 2 include: 

Jingjing Gao: "Electrostatic Control of Peptide Side-Chain Reactivity Using Amphiphillic Homopolymer-based Supramolecular Assemblies," with Prof. Sankaran "Thai" Thayumanavan, Department of Chemistry;

Michael Kwasny: "Expanding Metal Cations in Polymeric Anion Exchange Membranes," with Prof. Greg Tew, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering;

Yiliang Zhou: "Fabrication of Flexible Microfluidic Device and Enzymatic Glucose Sensor via Nanoprint Lithography," with Profs. Kenneth R. Carter, James J. Watkins, Alejandro Briseno of the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, and Prof. Sam Nugen of the Department of Food Science;

Sunilkumar Khandavalli: "Ink Transfer of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Gravure Printing: The Effect of Shear and Extensional Deformation," with Prof. Jonathan P. Rothstein, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering;  

Laura Parker: "Crystal Orientation and Anisotropioc Device Performance on Spin Coated P3HT OFETs," with Prof. Kenneth R. Carter of the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering.

Nariman Banaei: "Cancer Diagnosis and Biomarkers Detection with the Use of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) in Sandwich-based Immunoassays Employing Labeled Gold Nanoparticles on Integrated PDMS Microfluidic Chip Device (lab-on-chip)" with Prof. Byung H. Kim and Yubing Sun, Department of Mechanical Engineering;

Yanqi Qu: "Using Surface Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy to Detect Pesticides, Contaminants, Allergens and Antibiotics in Food” with Prof. Lili He of Food Sciences;

Joshua Hall: "Determining the Role of Matrix Mettoproteinases in Cerebral Aneurysm Development," with Professor Juan Jimenez of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering;

Kelsi Skeens: Multicomponent Fibers for Programmable, Sustained Release of Poorly Soluble Solutes" with Professor John Klier in Chemical Engineering;